Sunday, 27 March 2011

Country Club Golf

Should I join a golf country club? It's a question that hits many new golfers, particularly the less rich ones, like an anvil. However, there comes a point when you are playing a certain amount of golf or it has taken such an important position in your life that the expense is well justified. Often, it comes to a point where interest in the sport means that it costs less to become a member of a country club than to pay normal green fees. This doesn't even take into account all of the different membership benefits.

For example, if you are play once a week and the green fee for your round amounts to $25. That would come to around $1300 over the course of a year and obviously, if the country club fee is $2000 per year then you simply are better off paying your green fee every week.

However, if you found that you were playing golf at least twice a week then the country club option looks like it is the cheapest option as well as providing you with all sorts of other useful and fun facilities.

Very often, the other privileges of becoming a member of a country club are spa, sauna and gym equipment as well as club leagues and other fun activities. It is like joining a certain type of community that your whole family can get involved in.

For many people, joining country club golf is all about the status. For business people they can be important for networking and making contacts as the club house is usually the centre of the social life of the middle classes. On the other hand, the country club is a perfect place for children and teenagers to learn correct etiquette and be introduced to others of the same age.

However, there are some very simple golfing benefits to being a member of a golf country club such as obtaining a proper golf handicap. This can only be done on a USGA approved golf course.

Other benefits may include member discount at the golfers shop and discount green fees if you bring guests. Above all, the main benefit of being a part of a country club is not that you save money and is not even about the golf. It's about being introduced to other likeminded men and women and socializing.

If you are new to an area then it is usually best to try out a few local country clubs before picking one. Some will advertise a one month trial membership and with others this can usually be negotiated.

Another way of experiencing a country club is by living there. Yes, people actually live in country clubs with golf courses on their doorsteps! You can buy property that is within the verdant borders of a golf country club. These homes are usually aimed at active retirement couples and often come with a free yearly membership of the country club. N86VQHTUDRQK